A first of it's kind, free event for the Microsoft Dynamics365 (D365) Community. Where other events can been found charging $500 per attendee, this event set out to provide a grass roots event built and paid for by community sponsors. Iconics was tasked with the overall concept-to-launch. All within a time frame of under 90 days. The results were nearly 10,000 unique registrations. The community feedback and sponsor engagement metrics were phenomenal. Unlike other corporate training events - attendees valued the fun and playful approach to an otherwise predicable format.




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Case Study: Virtual Events

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 72 Speakers 

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 10,000 Attendees Wordwide 

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 Original Branding 

LIVE! Q&A Sessions

Creating an original concept starts with knowing what's out there right now, what your competitors are doing and having a pulse on what's going to resonate most with an audience. This research forms the foundation form which ideas and inspiration and grow. For this event our studies led us to explore the comic book theme.


Inspiration | Research | Competive Analysis



Wire Frames | Strategy | Solutions

Brand Development

Relying on early research, our design process yielded a bold and dynamic color palette. Taking cues from our inspiration boards, several key features were incorporated and developed as useful icons and composed the unique brand identity. Clouds and half-tone gradients emerged and were incorporated into logos and signage.

Logo Creation | Brand Identity


Desktop | Mobile | Broadcast

At the heart of the project was a custom workhorse of a website. Developed on the backbone of WordPress for it's easy behind the scenes management;  many site-specific and custom coded elements were developed and baked into the site. Crowd sourced voting and an internal social network were thoughtfully planned, tested and served up to thousands of unique visitors. Playing to the social engagement function, several features were integrated and promoted within the marketing channels. Ultimately- the site built traffic, generated lots of buzz, earned sponsors and hosted a major broadcast event for 72 speaker sessions across North America and Europe with live Q&A sessions. 



Mobile Specific

Marketing Strategy

Digital | Social | Traditional

Tied directly into the unique theme for was a dual strategy for organically growing awareness though the tight knit community of Microsoft Dynamics365 and promoted awareness. Speakers were nominated and given a platform on the website to promote their topic, create active discussions, and link full circle to their own social networks. This organic process grew awareness rapidly and provided new opportunities for many industry professionals. Promoted content was also developed and grew around the idea of inter-product tribes. Iconics developed unique identifier logos and merchandise withing a world of conflicting product names. Strategy also extended to targeting, and various digital platforms.

Email Outreach


Mobile Applications

Social Media

Social Media

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Central Host 

Influencer Swag

Across 4-Individual Tracks 

Simtaneous Broadcasting

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Iconics is a digital marketing and promotional agency focused on full circle marketing. Promoting this first ever event from ground zero was going to require more than just organic growth. Focusing on the greater community of Microsoft Dynamics, Iconics crafted a multi faceted campaign strategy focused on reaching every active user possible.  Multiple points of engagement were strategically planned to allow for natural outreach and promotion of engagement activities like voting on speakers. Email, SEO, Google Display Ads, Facebook, and other digital formats were carefully targeted and actively managed in order to maximize the effectiveness of every advertising dollar. Multiple ads were created, and tested, messaging was refined and all of it was tracked and comparatively studied with detailed analytics.


Social Media Campaigns


Monitoring | Active Management | Media Buys

With multiple digital campaigns operating simultaneously tracking data and the variations was critical to effectively managing the advertising budget.  Utilizing our in-house dashboard we were able to monitor in real time and if necessary make adjustments. Clicks, eyeballs and all measurable engagements could be broken down to per attendee cost. This was critical for the event to realize the true success of this flag ship event.


Live Event | Desktop | Mobile 

Creating an amazing content and impactful marketing would all be for nothing without an equally or hopefully more impressive live event. And our team of broadcast engineers delivered an amazing 2-day event for 72 speakers, and 2 keynotes complete with live question and answer sessions.  Seamless integration allowed attendees to simply click and watch from the branded website, while chatting with other guests and asking questions via a live chat. Utilizing a familiar news outlet style format, our design team took the branding to the next level and completed the visual impact like it has not been seen before.


We delivered on the original request and went beyond to produce an all original, impactful and exceptionally FUN event in an otherwise predicable format.

10,000 Attendees


Mobile Applications

Social Media

Simultaneous Casting 4-Tracks

Pre-Recorded and Edited Presentations

Central Host 

LIVE!  Q+A Sessions

Across 4-Individual Tracks 

Simtaneous Broadcasting

72 Speaker & 2 Key Notes




Client Success

Live Launch September 2020

This clients first inaugural Dynamics365 was a HUGE success! With over 60 new sponsors contributing to the event; an audience of nearly 10,000 viewers, and a global reach that impressed everyone we all are looking forward to the next big event.

Awesome!! No one else could have delivered like this..! Seriously - This Rocks!


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